Saie Kecewa dgn perangai awk ;'(
Thursday, 1 March 2012 ? 0 Atashinchi ?

Maaf andai tuduhan yg saie cmpkkan kt awk ny meluru . Sumpah xthn lgy dgr ckp2 org , skit aty xde siape yg tau :'/ bp awk suke uat saie gny ? bnde gop sloh saie kt awk ? :'/ ce kbo . lau emg saie uat sloh , saie mnx maaf byok . i know i hurting you much but peliss don't 'pay' like this way :'/ i can't take it dear . swear :'/ my heart getting hurt because of you :'/

Tolng egt arwah ayh awk . jgn biarkan dea terseksa kt sne tgk ank dea cm ny . uboh la syg :'/ jd cm dlu . jgn liar sgt :'/ egt ckit bnde2 hop awk ambk tu . jge perckpan awk :'/ i'm begging . sory if i to0 busybody but i can't stay with you if you been like this .

Saie xtau bnde hop saie dgr ny bet0l atau x , hope it false dear :'/ however , i still want to remaind you , peliss . don't ever try to0 take it or sell it . Get it dear ? :'/ tolng sgt , jgn la . saie xmo awk sakit :'/ you know how much iloveyou dear
  lau saie dpt tau bnde ny bet0l2 terjady kat awk . peliss leave me :'/ uat hal masing2 . i don't want to stay wif boy like you :'/ i hard for me dear :'/ xsangke awk beruboh gny :'/ sia2 saie nsht . bagai curah air ke daun keladi :'/
but , if i know it juz a 'nyte story' , sory 4 everything . saie cume menegr . bkn mrh . phm kan syg :') tp , tolng buang cite negtif ny . saie xmo dgr . i hate it .

Lots Of Smile For Readers :)

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