Finally :D
Wednesday, 30 November 2011 ? 0 Atashinchi ?

Hi all. good morning. beautiful morning right? already see the calendar? this day December 1. brief time passed. PMR results will soon be out. pounding it. hopefully be an excellent decision. aminn (:

ok. back to the title. 'finally'. finally what? I keep getting rowdy after weeks alone with him. my last night and he went back to normal. yeah: D

thanks to Godness (:
not forgetten to thanks to my mama and mizah that are always there for me. ME LOVE YOU

Our relationship back cheerful and friendly as before. thank you because understand me MIBM. I hope you will not be like before. I've tired rowdy fun with you. I want you to know that I always love you. I hope our relationship is lasting until I die.

after what we went through, I will try to understand you better. everyone, regardless of having a problem right? so, this may have happened near you. I'm sorry for my ego, and always too selfish with you. I hope you are right sorry I am.

start from today. we start with a new book. forget what happened. ok dear?
I hope we will not forget our promise, and our oath. I love you MIBM

oke , GTG . papaii (:

p/s : maaf , kalu ayt tungang terbalik sekali . saie dop pndai speaking :D

Lots Of Smile For Readers :)

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